Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lula Rides?       
Simply put, Lula is an app that lets college students rent cars from one another.        

Is it called Lula, or Lula Rides?
Either! The application can be found on the App Store easiest under Lula Rides, and that is the name of our website    ( However, when generally speaking about the company, we simply say Lula.

Where can Lula be downloaded?
Currently, Lula can only be downloaded on the App Store. Searching "Lula Rides" is the easiest way to locate it on the App Store.

Where can Lula be found?
Lula can currently be found on several campuses around Massachusetts, and will begin expanding this Spring Semester.

What does Lula cost?
Lula is absolutely free to download, and create an account! Users must only pay an hourly, or daily, fee while renting a vehicle.

How does Lula work for someone that wants to rent a car?      
For someone that wants to rent a vehicle, they must create a profile and undergo a screening process before they are approved to rent vehicles. Once approved, the vehicle renter will open the application, see the vehicles in their area available to be rented, and select the vehicle they'd like to rent for a set amount of time.

How does a Car Owner list their vehicle?
Car owners must create a profile, add some vehicle information, and undergo a screening process. Once approved, they must mark their vehicle location on the Lula app, and press "Share Vehicle".

Are the rentals insured?
Yes! All rentals are automatically insured in the case of physical damage.

Can any vehicle be listed?
For vehicles to be covered by the insurance, they must have under 125,000 miles, produced no later than in 2000, and have a current-cash value below $65,000.

Who can rent a vehicle on Lula?
Individuals as young as eighteen, along with international drivers, are able to rent vehicles on Lula. Please note, screening processes for international drivers will take a up to two days.

Who sets the price of the vehicle rental?
Hourly and daily fees for the vehicle rentals are set by the vehicle owner.

How do owners make money?
Owner receive 75% of revenue generated by their vehicle.

How much are vehicle owners making monthly?
This depends on how much the vehicle is rented...However, the highest grossing vehicle on the platform has done over $400 in a month.

What are the average daily and hourly fees?
The average hourly rate hover around $8-10 an hour, while the daily fee is closer to $50-$60. Some vehicles can be rented as low as $7 an hour, and $35 a day.

How are background checks done?
Lula runs a DMV check on every user to assure the license is valid, and to make sure drivers do not have too many points piled up or any DUIs.

Who sets the price of the vehicle rental?
Hourly/daily fees for the vehicle rentals are set by the vehicle owner.

Who pays for gas?
Drivers are required to replace the gas they have used. We recommend owners fill the tank prior to the rental, so that is easy to see how much gas has been used up.

What happens if my vehicle is totaled?
Drivers must fill out an incident report and submit it to Lula within 48 hours of the incident. Driver's will be required to pay the deductible ($2,500), and the insurance will cover the rest, with a limit of $25,000 for the physical damage of the vehicle.

What happens if my vehicle is dirtied inside?
If your vehicle is left in poor conditions, we ask that owners fill out an incident report, which can be found on our site, and submit it within 48 hours. Depending on the Lula team's findings, drivers may be fined and owners will receive a car wash and detailing.

What happens if my vehicle is totaled?
Owner gets the Car Cash Value minus the deductible given to them. If the value of the vehicle exceeds $25,000...owner gets $25,000 minus the deductible.
If there is a crash that requires the owner be without a car for sometime, Lula will provide a stipend so that owners still have access to a ride

What happens if my vehicle is totaled? (cont.)
***Insurance Examples***
1)Car crashes and has $6,000 in physical damage. Driver pays the deductible, which is currently $2,500 (but will be lowered in following weeks), and the insurance company will pay the rest of the damage.

2)Car is totaled and costs $17,000. Driver who crashed must pay the deductible $2,500, and the insurance company covers the rest ($14,500).

3)Car is totaled and costs $35,000. Driver who crashed must pay the deductible $2,500, and the insurance company will pay up to our current limit of $25,000. The owner would end up with $22,500.

How does Lula differ from Zipcar, GetAround, and Turo?
Unlike Zipcar, Lula is completely free to join, and has no annual membership fee. Zipcar's annual fee ranges from $70-600 depending on the plan you get. Also, because Lula doesn't have to buy cars (Lula is peer-to-peer, while Zipcar is typical car sharing and owns their inventory), we can have way more cars to choose from.

GetAround has a minimum age of 19, whereas Lula has a minimum age of 18. Also, GetAround charges extra for people under the age of 25. depending on your age, you may be asked to pay the trip price, plus an additional 75%. GetAround is mainly in urban areas and big cities, and isn't on any college campuses. They are also peer-to-peer.

Turo has a minimum age of 21, but requires you pay an additional fee if you are under 25. Turo is peer-to-peer, but doesn't allow rentals under 24 hours.