Car Sharing for
College Students

No Underage Fees

College students, as young as 18,
can now access thousands of car
at the push of a button. Rentals
start at $5, and unlike those other
guys, we’re free to join.

Earn $1,000s

Work’s overrated. Share your car,
and earn while you eat, sleep, study,
gym, hang with friends, play Fortnite,
Netflix n Chill, skydive, and more.


With Lula, your car is in
good hands. All rentals are
insured. If your car gets hurt,
Lula takes care of it.

Where is LULA?

Lula can be found on over fifty college campuses, all-around the United States, and is quickly expanding.

Lula is on a mission to make affordable, convenient, and sustainable transportation options available to all people, particularly college students. If you’d like to see Lula on your campus, or in your area, download our app and contact us below!

The average car sits in a parking lot 97% of the time. Instead of having your car sit around all day, let it work for you by sharing your car on Lula. With Lula, you can earn as much as you want, whenever you want, and don’t need to have a boss!

If your Car has less than 125,000 miles, is newer than 2000, has all of its bumpers intact, not missing any windows or wheels, has a driver seat, a fully functioning steering wheel, and if it has no major dings or scratches, then you can share it on Lula!

Once you’ve uploaded your car, you will receive rental requests from Renters who would like to rent your car. You may choose to accept, or deny, their rental requests. If the request is accepted, Lula will provide you with the Renter’s contact information so that you can plan a meet-up to hand over the car.

This is entirely up to you! Car Owners decide the hourly and daily rate for their cars, and Lula receives a 25% commission fee. Owners decide when the car is rented, and decide who rents it. It’s like running your own business with your car, and all the business decisions are up to you, Boss.

Contact us

For any questions, or assistance with your rental, please contact:

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