“Airbnb for College Students’ Cars” – BostInno

Lula is an online platform, allowing students without cars, the ability to rent from those that do, giving them all the perks that come with owning a car, without the expenses that come with one.

Lula For Owners


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Step 1: Create Your Free Account

Upload Vehicle

Step 2: Upload Basic Vehicle Information

Approve Vehicle Request

Step 3: Approve Driver's Request To Rent Vehicle

Enjoy Your Money!

Step 4: Sit Back, And Watch The Money Pour In

Lula For Drivers

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Pick A Ride

Step 2: Find A Ride Near You

Request Vehicle

Step 3: Request Vehicle...Get Owner's Approval

Enjoy Your Ride!

Step 4: Enjoy Controlling Your Ride!


Why Lula?

Free To Join

No membership, or sign up fees...Lula will always be free to join and only requires drivers to pay for the time they are in possession of the vehicle.

Be Independent

Why jump in the car with a stranger, when you can control your ride and go anywhere you want?

More To Choose From

Why pay for a membership to share two cars on campus, when you can access dozens for free?

Earn Easy Money

Upload your vehicle onto Lula, and you can earn while you nap, are in class, hangout with friends, or get swole.


  • What is Lula?
    • A mobile app that allows college students to rent cars from one another.
  • Where can I use Lula?
    • Lula is currently in a Pilot phase, and will only be available on select campuses in the Boston area.
    • Lula will be seeking to expand later this year, if you would like to have Lula come to your school, please email Michael@LulaRides.com
  • How are you different from Zipcar? GetAround? Turo?
    • Unlike Zipcar, Lula is completely free to join, does not require a signup or membership fee, and is a peer-to-peer platform.
    • Unlike Turo and GetAround, Lula allows individuals as young as eighteen to rent cars, without additional rental fees based on one’s age.
    • Lula allows rentals be as little as thirty minutes (something Turo does not allow), and as long as the car owner is willing to rent their vehicle.
  • What does Lula cost?
    • Lula is free to join! However, car owners decide the hourly fee for rentals so the prices will vary depending on the car. Average fee is expected to be $8-10/hr.
  • Are car renters required to pay for the gas?
    • Drivers are expected to fill up the tank with the amount of gas that was used. We ask that owners leave a full tank of gas prior to each rental, so that it is easier for drivers to put back the proper amount of gas.
    • Lula is able to remotely track how much gas is used during the rental. Failure to replace the used gas will result in a penalty fee, and you will be charged for the amount of gas you used.
  • What is Lula’s commission fee?
    • 25%
  • How does a rental take place, as an Owner?
    • Once you have uploaded your vehicle on to the Lula platform and it has been approved by the Lula team, you will receive requests from drivers who would like to rent your vehicle. You may choose to accept or deny the request. If accepted, it is recommended the owner contact the driver to determine a location for key swap, before and after the rental. Please refer to the Owner Guide if you have further questions.
  • How does a rental take place, as a Driver?
    • Once you have been approved as a Driver on the Lula platform, you will have the ability to view cars nearby on campus. You may request to rent whichever vehicle you desire, and if the owner approves your request, you will be contacted to determine a location for key swap, before and after the rental.
  • I just created an account, but cannot find or rent cars nearby. What do I do?
    • Got to the Profile section, and make sure that your Profile, Background Check, and Driver's License are green. Make sure that everything is filled out, and if it is still yellow, it means your background check is pending. You will receive a notification when your account has been approved.
    • If after the approval you still do not see any cars in the area, it is likely Lula is not operating near your area, or you are zooming in too much on the map.
  • I am experiencing a glitch or technical difficulty, or just need a specific question answered. Who can I talk to?
    • Text Matthew at 786-219-7367 with any problems and he will help you resolve the issue immediately.


Email: Matthew@LulaRides.com

Text/Call: (786) 219-7367